Development and project management

Your vision is our goal

Projects Services

Development and project management

We strive to add value

Projects Services

Development and project management

9 hours to chop down a tree. We spend the first 6 sharpening our axe

Projects Services

Why Us?

Our Expertise

Lighthouse Project Group was founded in 2017. Our team provides bespoke property services tailored to suit our clients and has a strong track record of successfully delivering a wide range of projects across multiple sectors.

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Our Approach

We work in a collaborative manner and are a client-centric, hands-on organisation who strive to add value. We are strategic, agile and organised. We approach every project with a fresh outlook and rely on our experience and expertise to develop and implement tailored solutions for our clients.

We enjoy life and take pride in the work we do in creating spaces that improve the lives of others.


Our Team

Lighthouse Project Group is made up of diversely qualified, experienced and enthusiastic people who have a genuine desire to do their best.

We build teams to cater to the individuality of each project to ensure we deliver the best value for your investment.

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